Monday, September 12, 2016

Growing up

Hey everyone!

It's been a few months since my last update, so I just wanted to check in with everyone with a quick update because O had a little "moment" today. Atticus has been doing pretty well. We had a good summer filled with swimming, trips to visit family, camping in tents, and of course, my nephew came down to visit.  Now that the new school year has started, Atticus is excited for his first Cub Scout meeting tomorrow!!  Can you believe he's old enough to be a Tiger Scout?!??!  I can hardly believe it. 

Ever since Atticus had his fenestration closed back in May, Atticus' retention seemes to improved greatly. He's made good strides in sitting still for longer periods at speech therapy, he's getting better at signing and learning go use his tablet, and things are starting to "click".

Today, God gave me yet another reminder of how far he's come. And maybe I'm getting sappy because it's almost his birthday, but I choked back tears.  I unlocked my car with the key fob, and he ran to get in the car for speech therapy.  I stopped for a few minutes in the doorway to talk to my oldest daughter, and I could hear him open the door to the van door.  I thought, "He's going for the wrong car. I'm going to have to drag him out of the van now."  But when I turned around to start herding him into the right car, I was floored by what I saw. He had indeed gone to right car, noticed his booster seat wasn't in there, knew it was in the van, retrieved the seat, closed the van, and was putting his chair into my car.  All. By. Himself.  I smiled like the Cheshire Cat, helped him buckle up, got in myself, slipped on my sunglasses, and let the sobs come where he couldn't see.  (I didn't want him to think he did anything wrong!)  I couldn't believe it.  My little guy isn't so little.  God has allowed him to continue to grow in ways that I couldn't imagine almost 7 years ago.  My heart overflows with gratitude at the things Atticus continues to show me he's capable of doing!  As always, keep on prayin'!

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